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Dear friends of the Bella Vista children,


coming back from Guatemala, I turn to you with a request:


The long awaited new elementary school for the Bella Vista children is almost complete.


Representatives of the community of San Pedro have assured us that within a month the children and their teachers can move into the new school. Into new classrooms with light and a solid roof above their heads.


It is a stroke of luck for these children that they do not have to wait for another 10 years to improve their conditions for learning and living!


The school is located in the middle of the coffee plantation and the shabby houses of the Maya families - high above the village of San Pedro in the foothills of the volcano.


All of the building materials were carried on the backs of helpers and fathers of the children. The walls were built without any machines and the huge volcanic rocks split by hand!













When the children move into their school in May, a building time of about 10 months comes to an end. The money available is depleted – in negotiations with the mayor we were able to agree to the building of the entrance gate, a supporting wall and the water pipe to the kitchen. But more was not possible!


It remains a sand and rubble area, which the parents want to level out, but they do not have the money for turning it into a nice playground for their children!


We need help in this matter! We need a good pavement and also a few playground items for the children would be nice!


About 2.200 Euro is needed for creating a playground out of that rubble area. So please continue to have a heart for these children!


If many people help together, it will surely come true!




Jutta Christmann




Donation receipts can be issued!



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