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cooking stoves for the families


                     School books for                             all classes





The Maya children have to learn the Spanish language to become members of the Guatemalan society.

Although the government guarantees school books, none are available!

Teachers have to copy their exercise books!

Poor families cannot afford to buy school books.




By sponsorships, we try to support every child with reading books.


It still is not enough for math books as they are quite expensive (about 10 – 15 Euro), depending on school grade. We buy one book per class and then toil over copying the exercise sheets.


Please support us as we would also like to buy a second book (maths) for each child.


For the smaller children in the nursery class also, we are still unable to buy books for them. They attend school but still continue to talk in their own Maya language.

It is very necessary for them to learn Spanish. It would be very helpful to have some material or even colouring books.


                     WOOLEN BLANKETS
                      FOR SCHOOL


Every year, our nursery school children at the Bella Vista School receive a woollen blanket from donations when they start class.


The nights are very cold in the Bella Vista district of San Pedro as it is 2000 m up on the slopes of a volcano.


We would very much like to buy a small doll for the little girls and a ball for each boy as these children have no toys at all. Nothing!


Please help:  A woollen blanket costs 10 Euro, a small doll 5 Euro and a ball 3 Euro.

                        SCHOOL BREAKFAST






Every year about 10- 15 children are introduced to the nursery class in the small Bella Vista School. These children are 5 years of age as the government now requires enrolment at this age.


Many families also bring their four-year old children along because of the school breakfast. And we cannot refuse them! In the case of three-year old little Anna, she came walking alone to school, barefoot and with a small school bag. After breakfast, she remained a little while and then went home again – now she attends the second elementary class!


Nowadays, many little children are brought to school by their elder brethren, just to get breakfast.








“Finding a way out of poverty through education”!


For nine years now, we have been supporting the children at the Bella Vista School – whether very intelligent or very disadvantaged. We provide school material, clothes or shoes. After the first seven years (nursery school and six primary classes), they attend the secondary school in the small town of San Pedro for three years. This brings the first contact with children of Spanish-speaking families – another social class. A very big step!


It is recommended that they then attend a vocational college for about three or four years. Previously, the chance for further vocational training ends as school uniforms, expenses and school books have to be paid for. For coffee picker families, the financial outlay is not affordable and will always be too much.


So here we can help through sponsorship.  You, as sponsors, make it possible to break this cycle of poverty.

In total, 30 children are sponsored, of whom ten attend secondary school or take an apprenticeship in such subjects as administration, office routines, tailoring, carpentry, teaching, education or medical assistant.


A young lady has finished her tailoring apprenticeship and now earns her living by sewing up blouses for native costumes.


During a child’s apprenticeship, the family concerned gets basic food items – especially during the rainy season. This makes it easier for them to be ‘released’ to attend vocational education.


Normally, they would work as day labourers to help to make a living for their families. If you would like to help, please contact us!



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