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To the “Friends of the Bella Vista children in Guatemala”


When I heard on the news, that last year alone 1.6 Million Guatemalan people left their country for the United States, I thought: " nobody would leave their home and country just for fun". The majority of the indigenous more



To the “Friends of the Bella Vista children in Guatemala”


We all listening to the news and watching on TV that the Caravan of people from Central America is moving north. Moms and dads with their children, teenagers , young men and women, nobody leaves his homeland just for fun. They are all fleeing poverty and seeking a better life in the north for a better future more


Pictures of the school breakfast 2016







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As in the Bella Vista district, 2000 m high in the foothills of the volcano, it gets very cold in the nights and all new children in the nursery class get woollen blankets. This year the blankets were distributed by the school director, as Jutta could not come to Guatemala at this time. One blanket costs 10 Euro. more


Dear friends of the Bella Vista kids

every year it is an arduous trip over the mountains down to Lake Atitlan and to San Pedro. The last part

consists of a heavily eroded road, the little shuttle bus is shaken wildly when taking the narrow hairpin curves. Then the first sight of the lake and a sigh of relieve: arrived at last. Every  year again the lake offers me this idyllic view. But the real life on its shores is quite more


Excursion on Foundation Day


On the foundation day of the Bella Vista School, the children made an excursion to the village of San Pedro and down to lake Atitlan. Finally the children received a picture and a banquet: chicken soup! more


Dear friends of the Bella Vista children


coming back from Guatemala, I turn to you with a request. The long awaited new elementary school for the Bella Vista children is almost complete.

Representatives of the community of San Pedro have assured us that within a month the children and their teachers can move into the new school. Into new classrooms with light and a solid roof above their heads. It is a stroke of luck for these children that they do not have to wait for another 10 years to improve their conditions for more


To the friends of the Bella Vista children


The journey over the mountains and then down to lake Atitlan by San Pedro is quite arduous.

The last piece of road is almost washed out and the small bus sways around the hairpin curves.

The first sight of the lake is almost a deliverance – we finally arrived! Every year, lake Atitlan lies before me like a dream. But this appearance is deceptive: there are less and less fish in the lake, so the fishermen with their small wooden boats are deprived of their existence.

Every year the seaweed plague is increasing – as many villages still do not have purification more


Dear friends and sponsors of the Bella Vista children


Another school year has finished, the rainy season is coming to an end and the coffee harvest starts now in Guatemala. The older children help their families picking coffee beans at the big Fincas, on the high hillsides of the San Pedro volcano or collect fire-wood in the mountains. Along the paths of the coffee plantations young men are carrying the heavy coffee sacks down to the weighing stations of San Pedro. Behind them the small boys follow with fire-wood on their bent more


The Bella Vista district is still the poorest in Town of San Pedro on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. After fourteen years our project to help the children of the coffee pickers is more urgent now than ever before.

The families of these children are poor and will probably remain so, since the fathers more

To the “Friends of the Bella Vista children in Guatemala”



Dear Sponsors and Godparents

The school year has finished for the Bella Vista kids; the older ones are off with their parents to pick coffee beans now. This year again I spent two month there and with your help I could arrange for many things to be done. In January spring announces more



To the Friends of the Bella Vista children

Time has gone by quickly ! I have been back from Guatemala since beginning of March already.

The school year started in January and I was able to register so many of the Bella Vista students in 

Town San Pedro and more


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