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To the Friends of the Bella Vista children,


Time has gone by quickly ! I have been back from Guatemala since beginning of March already.

The school year started in January and I was able to register so many of the Bella Vista students in 

Town San Pedro and the neighborhood. The families are waiting with hope, they know it's possible 

for their kids to continue in High School or College or even to go to University.

Yes, we have 3 in University and 6 in College and the others are continuing on with their education, too.

Many say it in their letters to the sponsor, "how thankful they are and how enthusiastic they feel about their future".

With your help, seeds of hope and possibilities have been planted in their hearts.


Thanks to you sponsors from near and far, 34 students will have the chance to find a profession after their studies

that will ensure a much better future than their parents ever had the chance to !. They struggle to feed their families,

as it has not rained enough in Guatemala for to grow the sufficient crops for food.

This brings me right to the breakfast program in the Bella Vista School and again, thanks to all of you, 

who are helping a child to get a hearty and healthy meal, a recess drink and clean drinking water.

It's so needed and the children are looking good ! They are able to compete in the Olympics in the town of 

San Pedro, they have a garden project going, they attend sports- and music classes and last but not least,

they have cooking classes and enjoy school. This is what we give them: a healthy childhood and education !.

Our help offers them a chance in life, that otherwise they would not have !

With your help, from Canada, the United States, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, we are helping a

small Elementary School in the Highland of Guatemala to survive and even to prosper.


So this is my thinking: It will be good at the end, and if it's not good yet, it's not the end !

THANK YOU for having a big heart to help children who appreciate it and are thankful to everyone of you !



Jutta Christmann

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