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To the Friends of the Bella Vista children,


We all listening to the news and watching on TV that the Caravan of people from Central America is moving north.

Moms and dads with their children, teenagers , young men and women, nobody leaves his homeland just for fun.

They are all fleeing poverty and seeking a better life in the north for a better future.


I can relate to their needs, because I see in the small district of Bella Vista how poor people can be. All over the world, 

parents want the best for their kids. Here they struggle to bring food to the table, especially during the rainy season

 without finding work. Many can't buy shoes for their children or the school supplies or pay school fees.


No, we can not save the whole world ! But we, the community of helping hands, have been trying for many years

to allow the Bella Vista people a future in their homeland.  With an education for their children, with a school breakfast

to enable them to learn, with save drinking water to stay healthy and I already see a difference. All the children look

much healthier !!


The community of San Pedro completed the school building in the Bella Vista district and people are proud to have their

own school in the middle of the coffee fields and poor housing.

The children love to come to their school. We have a kindergarten this year of 30 children. Mothers are bringing their

little ones every morning and help to feed them their school breakfast.

They also love their music- and cooking classes and all this is possible through your donations.


From the Bella Vista district are now 11 students in Elementary School, 12 students in Middle School, 6 in College

an 8 in University who are individually sponsored. 


Please, let's continue to create a future of hope and not despair by helping with your donations, for a school breakfast

( $ 100,-- per school year), books, shoes, water filters, music- and cooking classes and sometimes I buy a mattress when

I see that a child sleeps on wooden boards. 


 End of January I will go to Guatemala to administer these programs and I am 

so grateful to you for supporting these efforts.



Jutta Christmann


PS. To read all about the projects in the Bella Vista School, visit our web-site:

                                                                                                                           (for English click on the Englisch flag)

For a donation, please write your cheque to: Jutta Christmann and mail it for deposit into the Bella Vista account

direct to the RBC Bank, Att.: B.Malloy, Lockeport, NS, B0T 1W0

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